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Quvu contact centre management

Quvu 2 will transform how you manage your contact centre. It is an entirely cloud-based contact centre management software, so users can access real-time information on their team, from any computer, anywhere in the world. Analyse live statistics, wallboards, queues, agent activity and listen to live calls and past recordings using just a web browser. The new Smart Dialler will streamline your agents calls and maximise the efficiency of your team, reducing downtime and ensuring a constant flow of calls.

iQ: advanced real-time wallboards from Quvu

iQ allows you to broadcast real-time data through fully customisable wallboards across multiple locations. Show any data on a range of customisable graphics’ panels. Display live stats by campaign, data source, date, team or agent. Or select multiple groupings and metrics at once, to compare various stats shown in a single view. Build unlimited contact centre wallboards and rotate between them with ease, with set up and operation of iQ managed from any location, at any time, using just your browser.

Powerful features

Quvu’s extensive range of features enable you to increase productivity, work smarter and reduce costs. See in-depth statistics in real-time and even create your own so you can analyse the stats that matter to you. Effectively manage data to maximise penetration without sacrificing compliance, and easily get a detailed overview of your agents through enhanced workforce management tools. Quvu’s features also include a Smart Dialler, Call Recording, an IVR, which combine to Create an improved experience for you, your agents and your customers.

Multiple access levels

Manage permissions and keep your contact centre organised with ease thanks to the four different access levels Quvu operates under: Admin, Supervisor, Compliance and Agent. The Admin console provides a top-level management system for you to oversee the entire operation. Supervisors are able to focus on the bread and butter of the contact centre, managing the agents and their teams, while a dedicated Compliance console allows your quality officers to ensure you’re staying on the right side of regulations.

Precise data tracking

Track data via 3 different levels: Queue, Source and Upload. Analyse how campaigns are going through the Queue tracking level and modify dialler settings and disposition buttons. Analyse how the data from your data providers is performing via the Source tracking level and set the maximum number of dials and priority teams for each record within a particular data source. Alternatively, drill down even further by using the Uploads tracking level to examine how individual data files within a source is performing.

Established Network

At Goldfish we understand that reliability is key. That’s why Quvu runs on our established cloud telecoms network. Goldfish’s trusted infrastructure is designed to deliver a stable and secure platform. Our entire network has been built in-house, so we have expert knowledge and a technical understanding of the whole system. Our substantial cloud telecoms VoIP network supports tens of thousands of businesses, processing around 225,000 calls per day from users located in Ireland, the U.K., and internationally, fully supported provided by engineers in our Irish headquarters.


* Increase sales calls by up to 300%.

* Increase call handling volumes

*Get live data to improve performance

Quvu’s features are:

Smart Dialler

Live data on teams/agents

Easy to set up a sales/support team

Streamlines inbound or outbound call handling

Full customisable – can be tailored to your set up

Live IQ Wallboards

Full call recording of all inbound & outound calls

Live call monitoring to listen and assist on calls.

Cloud based access your Quvu accounts from anywhere

Irish-based support

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Real Time Analytics

Quickly find the data you need with Quvu’s analytical reporting system. Customise data on your contact centre at the click of a button, meaning that you only ever see the statistics that matter to you.

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Predictive Dialler

Increase your agent productivity immediately with the Quvu predictive dialler. Let the dialler minimise wait time, whilst eliminating unanswered and unconnected calls.


Call Recording

For peace of mind, Quvu records all calls and stores them in a secure and easily searchable online database. Search by number, date or time to access any recording you need.

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