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Record your calls

Hosting your call recording in the cloud is surprisingly easy. You don’t need any expensive hardware, and everything is managed via your browser. To search for specific recordings, just enter either a phone number, extension or date, then listen to the mp3 file or download it for later.

Monitor your agents, live

Click the monitor button next to the agent you’d like to listen to, and your phone will ring. When you answer, you’ll hear that agent’s live conversation. Your handset will be muted, and there will be no indication that you have joined.

Integrate your CRM

Save agent time by linking your CRM to your calls. Screen pops will allow agents to access the customer account in a single click.

Analyse key statistics in real-time

See an overview of your call centre statistics, for example dials per hour or call duration. Each parameter is chosen by you, meaning that you’ll only see relevant information, in an easily digestible format.


Experience favourable call rates on the reliable Soho66 VoIP platform. With a robust infrastructure supporting thousands of business accounts, Soho66 enables call centres to reduce operating costs whilst becoming more flexible.

Predictive Dialler

Increase productivity by reducing the time between calls. Fully compliant with industry standards of best practice, the dialler has 3 levels of prediction depending on data size.

Talk to us on 01 556 3222 for more information or to arrange a demo

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