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A resilient platform you can rely on

Quvu is the cloud-based contact centre management system for companies seeking to revolutionise the way they do business. Our fully Ofcom-compliantComreg-compliant solution provides you with the very best and most reliable technology on the market today, enabling you to run a more efficient and flexible operation.

We believe that your contact centre management system should be easy to use, while giving your business flexibility, scalability and access to a wide range of features that greatly enhances the way your business operates.
Quvu is the cost-effective alternative to traditional dated systems, with no set­up fees, no contracts, no expensive hardware to maintain and a per­-licence fee which includes technical support and a free online training session in the price.

Maximise efficiency

Everything you need from your contact centre management system can be found in Quvu, from real-time and in-depth analytics to the highly efficient predictive dialler. The dialler has no minimum or maximum requirements when it comes to agent numbers, making Quvu suitable for call centres of all sizes. Starting in progressive mode, it will assess the outcome of the first 50 calls made, and by adapting its algorithms, it will calculate the optimum amount of calls for your agents in order to maximise your team’s efficiency potentially by up to 300%.
Benefit from Quvu’s clever geo-dialling function, which allows you to present a caller ID when using a predictive dialler. If you wish to use geo­-dialling, you can change the phone number presented by the dialler at any time.
What’s more, included in the cost of your package is Call Recording, which means every call made or received across your entire account is stored for up to six years and can be accessed from anywhere providing you have an internet connection. This is a great tool for quality control and future employee training.
Other great Quvu features include the Pause Call Recording function, which enables agents to take payment information or other sensitive details over the phone without breaching privacy regulations. Quvu also features silent monitoring and in­-call coaching, so Supervisors can monitor and assist their agents whilst they deal with customers.

The all-inclusive solution

Quvu was created as the all­-inclusive contact­ centre management solution on a VoIP platform which handles around 135,000 calls per day from user accounts based in the UK, Ireland and internationally. Our cutting edge, easy-­to-­use analytical reporting system provides all the data you need to be able to monitor, assess and report on your in­bound and out­bound campaigns and agent statistics. The reporting system can be broken down into many different metrics including by campaign, individual agent or agent group.
By breaking your reporting down into these sections, you can pinpoint a specific area you wish to analyse and oversee agent performance based on metrics such as wrap times, ready and not ready statuses, agents on­-call times and calls per day, hour or week. Quvu’s analytical system also features a queues tab – the modern equivalent of your wall­board – allowing you to monitor multiple campaigns and queues, each with real-­time analytics within the click of a button.
We believe it’s vital to have a solution that helps your contact­ centre be as efficient and productive as possible. That is why we made sure our agent console is a stripped­ back, simplified system; eliminating unnecessary difficulties and taking out any unnecessary features, meaning your agents can log in, put on their headset, set their console to ready and get underway with the campaign in which they’re working on – while behind the scenes our software does all of legwork for them.
Call us on the number below or email us for more information on anything you’re not sure about and our expert support team will be happy to tell you more about how Quvu can revolutionise the way you do business.
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