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The future of contact centre management at your fingertips

With Quvu you can revolutionise how you manage contact with your customers, improving the experience for you, your agents and your customers themselves.

An improved experience for you and your agents, as well as your customers.

Analyse live statistics, queues and agent activity in just your browser, and create a better experience for your customers.

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Transform your operation with powerful features

analytics icon Real Time Analytics
Your business works in real time so why shouldn’t your analytics?
Everything on the Quvu platform is live, meaning that you don’t need to wait until tomorrow for today’s information.
Oversee data from your inbound or outbound queues on a single screen. Click the analytics tab to view the breakdown of your agent statistics for that hour, day or month.
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queue management icon Intelligent Queue Management
The Quvu tab provides an instant visualisation of queue and agent activity on a single screen.
Choose which inbound and outbound queues to display, and select the statistics you’d like to see. Choose from various graphs detailing the important aspects of the queue.
Use the information to form a wall board, or to get an overview of your contact centre activity and performance.
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queue management icon Smart Predictive Dialler
Increase agent productivity immediately with the Quvu predictive dialler.
Measuring the average call duration, average wrap time and average time for a customer to answer a call, the dialler calculates the shortest gap between conversations and places the relevant number of calls.
The dialler minimises agent wait time, whilst eliminating unanswered and unconnected calls.
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queue management icon Effective Call Monitoring & Coaching
Easily monitor your agents while they’re on a call with our call monitoring and coaching capabilities.
This is sometimes known as silent monitoring. It’s useful for quality assurance and overseeing how new members of staff are getting on, giving you the ability to secretly speak to your agent – unknown to the customer – to advise or direct them on a call if necessary.
For example, you may wish to offer an agent advice on how to handle a particular customer or help them push a sale over the line.
L E A R N  M O R E
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What our customers say

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L E A R N  M O R E
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