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The contact centre market is a competitive place; contracts, staff, sales, everything is geared so that the better you are, the better you do. But how can you give your agents the footing to truly succeed?
We look at how you can exceed customer expectations, and drive your contact centre forward…

The contact centre industry today is as competitive as it has ever been; with new outbound centres opening daily all vying for a similar range of contracts, and ultimately similar customers, and increasing pressure being put on inbound centres to provide the very best support, it is important to make sure that you stand out from the crowd.
How can you set yourself apart from your customers though? You’re all covering the same channels, you’ve ensured that you have a UK-based centre, and you have trained your staff up so that they follow the values and guidelines set out before them… But there’s still something missing. What could it be?
Customer service! Sure it is your business, and is at the very foundation of all that you do, but have you truly cracked it? With the competitive nature of the industry, some centres get stuck in a rut as they look to get through as many sales as possible, sometimes sacrificing quality of service in the process.
In our infographic below we look at how five simple changes to your contact centre could see you exceed your customers’ expectations, and in turn could help you drive up the profitability of your centre.
Made simple with Quvu infographic - 2 - Exceeding custmer expectations - infographic
Some may seem like you need to put some work in, that perhaps you may feel could be fruitless, however, they are small, yet significant changes to your training, to your set-up, and to your approach which, if executed correctly, could spell success for your agents, and therefore also for your centre!
We like to keep things simple, so as you will have noticed, the above doesn’t delve into too much detail. However, should you need any more information or advice, our team are always on hand, happy to help guide you through all things contact centre based… Just drop them a call on the number below!
With an increasing number of industry-leading features, Quvu’s cloud-based, contact centre solution is the way forward, no matter if you’re just starting up, or have been in the game for a while… So give our team a call on the number below, and let us make life more simple for your contact centre!

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