...with a cloud-based contact centre management system

Possessing the ability to remotely track how agents are performing, to work from anywhere at any time and to take advantage of new technologies that will improve the way you operate – and ultimately create a better experience for your customers – are just some of the benefits a cloud-based contact centre management system can bring to the table.

Some of the more fundamental benefits gained from using a cloud-based contact centre management system can be quite clear; the fact there is no hardware needed, no onsite PBX is required, there are no set-up or installation fees and it can take just minutes to be up and running.
But aside from the set-up and infrastructure, there are also a range of other benefits to be had relating to the way a contact centre actually operates and manages its agents, through new features and technologies including Call Coaching, Call Recording, Screen Pop, Predictive Dialler and Disposition Buttons.
This in turn, of course, has a positive impact on the customer experience because agents can be better trained and better equipped to deal with customers and take advantage of improved processes.
Below we look at just some of the features a cloud-based contact centre management system brings to the table and how those features can be used in different ways to improve the way contact centres operate, ultimately improving the experience for their end customers.
Five ways the cloud improves cust experience2

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