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Increasing the amount of calls the dialler will connect your agents to

The highly-efficient Quvu Predictive Dialler is the tool that helps your business become more efficient by dramatically increasing your team’s contact rates with your end customers. Our latest release, which is planned to go live on Monday, 23 February, will give you the control to make your dialler even more efficient by further enhancing your team’s contact rates and productivity.


How will this be achieved?

The release will give Quvu customers the ability to increase or decrease the ring time on a per queue basis, which you control directly from your Supervisor Console.
This will mean that the Supervisor will have the ability to adjust the amount of time a call is set to ring for, before the Quvu Dialler will terminate that call.
In the Queues section of the Supervisor Console this is the “Ring Timeout” section and is controlled by simply adjusting the position of the slider in 5 second intervals – please note the default is set to 30 seconds before a call is terminated.

There’s more…

On top of that, another update we will be simultaneously releasing with this relates to your abandonment rate.
This will give you the ability to adjust your abandonment rate by once again adjusting the position of a simple slider, so it could not be easier.
Quvu’s default abandonment rate is set at 3% in line with industry standards of best practice. However, if the customer wants to increase this the slider will allow them to do so up to a maximum of 5%.
The following screenshot demonstrates what these updates will look like:
New Quvescreen1

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