In an age almost dominated by technology and the digital world, businesses are having to work hard to keep up with the ever changing face of customer service.
For years we have been used to a situation whereby if a customer has a problem, they call your customer service helpline and that’s that; problem solved.
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However, this is no longer the case. Customers now have a range of digital channels available to them if they wish to make a complaint or reach out for help, as well as the phone line of course.
The phone is still far and away the most important method of contact for most businesses, however, it was never a case of this being replaced. It’s simply a case of being able to diversify and do both.
For enquiries that require an exchange of personal details, the phone is usually the only way that customers are able to get help and support. However, contact centres neglecting social media as an additional form of customer service are missing opportunities.
Sometimes a customer will have a simple generic enquiry, one that doesn’t require any exchange of personal details, so instead of calling they simply pick up their mobile and send a Tweet to their provider’s customer service Twitter account and await a reply.
Customers see this as a quick, easy and personal way of getting information from what they may have otherwise considered a faceless organisation. They feel a sense of satisfaction that actually, they aren’t just a faceless company out to take your money – they’re providing a service and employing normal people to help normal customers with their enquiries.
And taking into account seven out of every 10 people who make a complaint via social media hope to receive a response, there are huge opportunities for businesses to capitalise and improve their overall customer experience.
Poor customer service is one of the biggest factors behind customers switching providers, while on the flip side good customer service is one of the main reasons a customer may be attracted to a company or provider if they aren’t receiving it with their current one.
And one of the benefits for businesses who use the “social contact centre” correctly are that good customer service you provide can be seen and shared with others, effectively carrying out a chunk of your PR for you!

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