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Motivating agents (after a long weekend)

Chances are, most contact centres across the land are looking a lot like the image above – empty. Luckily for you, we think we have just what you need to keep going through these difficult times! Get started quickly with a contact centre solution with no hardware, no setup fees and completely cloud-based, giving you the option of running your contact centre from anywhere, even from your own home.

Our state-of-the-art contact centre technology is a feature-rich, all-inclusive solution that will assist you in running a productive, cost-effective operation. Quvu runs through VoIP technology, with no installation or setup costs and no onsite equipment required, so you can be up and running in no time with little to no capital outlay.

Work anywhere at any time with a solution trusted by contact centres of all sizes


Utilising our award-winning Voice over IP technology that powers Quvu, your contact centre can be extended to any office, or in the current climate, any home in the world. More than ever before, having the ability to run contact centre that enables homeworking or multi-site offices connected into one virtual system can make a huge difference, thus allowing you to maintain your business afloat regardless of where you are located. For example, you can listen in and monitor your agents who are all homeworking whilst you’re sat working from home yourself!

Minimise your overheads with a browser-based system. We take care of the infrastructure that runs our entire VoIP platform, which processes around 100 million calls per year. With only an Internet connection needed to use, you’ll manage your entire contact centre through just your web browser. This will ensure your overheads are dramatically reduced whilst the way you work significantly improves.

Monitor and coach agents from anywhere in the world. Silently monitor calls from any location without agents or customers being aware you are listening in. Monitor performance and identify training opportunities. You can even go one step further by jumping into a call to offer in-call coaching, helping agents reach a successful outcome without the knowledge of the customer.

Allow the dynamic technology to fit around your business. Contact centres are infamous for its high staff turnover. No matter how many agents you currently have, Quvu’s complete flexibility means it can easily adapt to your needs and requirements. Increase capacity easily with simple account changes that will have new staff up and running quickly without any heavy investment required

All your call centre needs catered for in one solution




Outbound Solution

Maximise agent productivity, speak to more customers, and increase sales with our Predictive and Preview Dialler and CRM integration.


Inbound Solution

Deliver a first-class customer experience with our inbound call management, which makes it easy for agents to handle their calls effectively.


Blended Solution

Seamlessly manage inbound or outbound campaigns.



Gain an edge on competitors with rewarding features


How else does Quvu help your contact centre?

On top of the financial and logistical benefits you gain plus the many different ways you will improve how you carry out customer contact, Quvu delivers many more tangible benefits to your business and how you run your contact centre.

Ofcom Compliance. Quvu was built with Ofcom compliance in mind so you can focus on increasing agent productivity without sacrificing compliance and dialling in ethical ways, safeguarding your business from breaches of regulations.

Organised Teams & Access Levels. Adopting Quvu gives you access to four levels: Admin Console, for top-level managers to administer changes and oversee the whole operation; Supervisor Console, for managing day-to-day agent activities; Compliance Console, to monitor compliance and quality; Agent Console, for agents to focus on calls.

Geo-dialling and TPS/CTPS Compliant. Using our Geo Dialling feature you will be provided with caller ID’s that customers will actually be able to call back, should they miss your call. Quvu’s data cleansing service gives you peace of mind that the numbers you dial are safe and thus avoiding hefty penalty fines of up to £500,000.

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