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These lovely people help make Quvu work.

Find out about some of the team below.



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Founder and CEO of Goldfish Telecom

Gordon has worked in telecoms for over 25 years and oversees the management of our team down by the beach in Greystones. He founded cloud telecoms firm in 2010 and later assist in the development and implementation of QuVu in Ireland and across the UK. When he’s not helping customers, he enjoys camping with his family or indulging in his love of dance music.



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Head of Sales and Business Development

Jonathan has 22 years’ experience in front line sales roles for major tech companies in Ireland and the UK. In over 8 years at eircom Phonewatch he lead multiple call centres and increased customers by 75%. When not at Goldfish you can normally find him training for, running in or worrying about – Triathlons.


Jack Fleetwood


A member of the Quvu Sales team, he has a strong understanding of the ever changing needs and demands of the industry. He lays claim to being the only person we know who owns a pool table, which he says he plays on daily, but seems unable to win a game when challenged.



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Head of Operations

Oversees support and customer onboarding. He’s been involved in technical support and customer support for the last 20 years. His interests outside work are technology related if any free time allows, as it’s mostly taken up by entertaining his two children. Greg is also South African, which is unfortunate but we ask that you please don’t hold this against him.




Technical Support

A local lad – he doesn’t give much away, so we’ll have to make something up. A keen fisherman, who strangely doesn’t like eating fish, he can usually be found on Snapchat or in bed.



Mohamad Rahman

Technical Support

Originally from Dakar in Bangladesh, he moved to Ireland 13 years ago and loves working down here by the beach. When he’s not helping our customers from all over Ireland, he says he enjoys cooking for his family, but has yet to demonstrate his culinary skills by cooking for us.



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This follicly challenged English emigrant has spent 16 years in the marketing trenches and says he has the scars to prove it. He can normally be found lurking on online or surrounded by dogs. Sometimes he plays records on the radio too.




Company mascot and K9 icon

Tuco is both the youngest and the hairiest of the Goldfish team. This immutable layabout is very excitable and hard to get to focus on anything that isn’t ball-shaped or made of rope.

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