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We’ve been on a roll this summer with another couple of new features coming to Quvu. Read on to discover what we’ve been up to and how you can apply these to your Quvu account.

Agent Call Record History

Agents can now have more visibility over past customer interactions with the new Agent Call Record History tab. Placed at the top of the Agent Console, your agents can view the Call History for each ongoing call, allowing them to view past interactions and giving them the tools to offer a much better service. View past disposition decisions, listen to call recordings and see how many times customers have called in and who talked to them from your team.

Admin Console users can activate this feature by navigating to the specific agent settings and selecting “Allow agent to view call history”. You can also allow agents to play call recordings in call history (optional).

How it works

Once enabled, a new tab called “Call History” will appear on the Agent Console. Here you’ll be able to choose which columns to show on screen, with options such as Queue, Disposition, Call Outcome and so on.

When a call comes into the Agent Console, your agent can click on the Call History tab which will now show the full call history for the incoming number. If all columns are enabled, the agent will be able to see a full history of interactions with the caller, with things like call outcomes, call recordings (if enabled) and previous agents involved. By clicking on “Details” next to a call record, your agents will be able to see a more detailed history of the call.

Supervisor Console Notifications

We’ve introduced new notifications for supervisors so that they no longer miss out on important updates when managing their agents. Supervising a whole call centre can be a tough job and it’s easy to miss things like agents going on lunch or finishing for the day. The new Supervisor Console Notifications gives supervisors more visibility over their team’s behaviour.

How it works

In order to enable notifications you’ll need to first make sure you have logged into your Supervisor Console on a https connection (i.e. You’ll then to make sure browser notifications are set to “allowed”.

Click on the icon next to agents name and you’ll see an option called “Notify on State Change”. Here you can choose the notifications for each agent state you want to see. Clicking on the relevant options will display a tick to enable notifications for that agent state.

Once the options have been ticked, every time the agent changes their state you will get a browser notification from Chrome, regardless of whether you have the Supervisor Console tab active on your browser.

You can also enable browser notifications for all agents should you manage large teams. From the Supervisor Console, click on Settings and then on Advanced. Here you’ll see an option for Global Agent State Notifications. As before, you can choose the notifications for each agent state you want to see.

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