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Boost your contact centre by motivating your team!

According to a report by Red Letter Days, 82% of employees who felt motivated at work in 2015, had received some form of reward or recognition for a job well done! As former U.S President, Dwight Eisenhower once said, “Motivation is the art of getting people to do what you want them to do because they want to do it.”

Now don’t get us wrong, it’s all good and well for Mr Eisenhower to say that, but with all due respect, we doubt that President Eisenhower ever spent time among the hustle and bustle of a busy contact centre.
Motivation can go a long way in helping your centre reach its targets; applied ineffectively could see numbers plummet, both financially and operationally, as employees may look to go and work somewhere they can feel motivated and appreciated.
Easier said than do though, as not every person can be motivated in the same way. With some people it takes money or a promotion, for others it may be training and investment in their career. Other times it might even be as simple as drinks, snacks and other small everyday perks.
Our infographic below looks at information that shows why your management team should take a serious look at how they motivate their employees, and some examples of incentives or schemes that can be implemented to help build morale within your contact centre!

Quvu Motivation infographic

Those are just a few of the opportunities available to you, without having to really break the bank. Some of them are simple acts that can be thrown in out of nowhere and will help bring a quick improvement to engagement levels, whereas others are more of a long game, that should help increase motivation over time.
Whatever direction you choose to go in, remember that even when it is a small gesture, your staff will normally recognise and respect the effort.
Do you have a technique or incentive that tends to work with your team? Connect with us on social media to let us know what works for you!

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