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For contact centres up and down the country, ensuring quality customer service is paramount to the successful running of their operation.
With an increasing number of businesses looking to outsource their inbound/outbound operations to contact centres, each looking for the best customer experience possible, in the hope of securing new deals or getting consumers to switch onto their service – or even just to renew an existing contract – a good understanding of how best to communicate with customers is now more important than ever.
The infographic below looks not only at the current state of affairs of customer service, but also explores some options that are available to contact centres today, which could help them improve the customer experience they provide – helping to secure new and existing clients. After all, businesses aren’t going to want to outsource to contact centres that will provide a poor experience for their customers!
Thanks to a number of excellent reports, we can take a look at how poor customer service is leading to millions of pounds being transferred between companies, as customers switch providers in hope of receiving lower costs and an improved service.

Quvu Infographic - CS

So, what are you waiting for? Join the hundreds of contact centres who have already switched their contact centre management system to Quvu, and provide your agents with the very best technology on the market to help them provide the best customer service possible.
Speak to one of our team today about how switching to our cloud-based solution can not only help improve your efficiency, but also help save your contact centre money!

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