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Many Irish businesses use Quvu to manage their contact centres. Quvu is being used to oversee teams of outbound sales’ agents that are calling potential customers across Ireland and internationally, and by inbound call centres handling large volumes of customer enquiries each day. Below are some examples of companies that are using to Quvu to simplify the management of their contact centres and maximise the success of their campaigns.

IDG Direct

IDG Group is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company, with a worldwide audience of over 280 million buyers. IDG’s Irish contact centre, IDG Direct uses Quvu to oversee its activity. General manager John Moran talks about his experience:

“Having Quvu has fundamentally changed the way I manage my contact centre. At any one time I have 100 people on the phones to countries all over the world. Before I got Quvu, analysing staff statistics was a very labour intensive progress and could not be done in real-time. Also, if I wanted to listen to a call it had to be done manually. Now with Quvu I have instant access to real time data on all my staff, on the screen in front of me. It shows if they’re on a call, how long the call has been or how long since they’ve been off a call. I have access to their stats for the day, week, month or year, and by clicking on their icon I can instantly listen to their call.

Quvu is provided via an entirely cloud-based system, so there is no requirement for hardware servers on our site. The real icing on the Quvu cake is that all I need to use it is my tablet and Wi-Fi, so I can manage my team from anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Only last week I had a couple hours to kill in JFK Airport, so I went into a café and opened up Quvu so that I could see exactly what my team were doing that very minute on other side of the Atlantic. I was able to listen to their calls and let them know I was still keeping an eye on them even though I was over 3,000 miles away.”

– John Moran, General Manager, IDG Direct
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When the Founders of sold the company to Royal Sun Alliance for a reported €65M in 2010 they retained the Life Assurance part of the business and founded The company has 14 staff selling life and mortgage protection assurance online. is 100% customer focused; everything does is designed to bring the customer affordable protection and the highest possible customer service.
The insurance industry has regulatory requirements that a company such as needs to adhere, such as the recording of all calls with customers and retaining them in case they need to referred back to it at a later stage. Quvu’s Call Recording feature and our searchable database of calls is sn invaluable addition to’s contact centre management. are based in Dublin and can be contacted on: 1890 940 920.
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Talk BPO

Founded in 1998 and based in the Metro Manila’s financial district of Bonifacio Global City, Talk BPO operates 24/7 serving companies in Australasia, Singapore, North America, and Europe. It provides services to Fortune 500 firms in sectors such as IT, telecoms, software development, and financial services. The company operates offshore contact centre support services on behalf of its clients, such as tech-support, customer services, and sales. Talk BPO estimate that it saves its clients up to 70% off their operational expenditure costs by outsourcing either partial or full operations to them.
As with Goldfish’s other customers in The Philippines, Talk BPO use both its cloud phone system and its contact centre management software Quvu, which allows them to manage performance in real-time from their respective headquarters across the world. This provides greater transparency of their operations and allows them to closely manage their offices based overseas.
Michael Conroy, Co-Founder of Talk BPO, said: “we had some clear requirements that needed to be fulfilled. First, the system had to be reliable and easy-to-use by our English-speaking agents. Second, it had to be flexible so it could be tailored to our clients preferred outsourcing set up. Third, it had to allow our clients access to their offshore services in real-time, from overseas locations, so they can monitor performance closely. Quvu, fitted the bill perfectly; without it we wouldn’t be able to offer the high levels of customer service that we need to provide for our clients’ customers.”

Water – what would we do without it? Unfortunately, tap water contains chemicals and other impurities, while bottled water is expensive and can be bad for the environment. Why drink water that’s been shipped all way from Fiji in a plastic bottle when you can have clean filtered Irish water on tap at home or work? This exactly where Irish company comes in. Their under-the-sink water-filtration-system removes impurities such as metals, chemicals, bacteria, oestrogen, nitrates, fluoride and chlorine – leaving only the good stuff.  You can now choose the quality and purity of the water you drink, in the same way you select other healthy lifestyle options.
Such is the high demand for Gulp’s products that they have taken on Quvu to help them simplify the organisation of their contact centre and help them manage their calls efficiently. are based in Galway and can be contacted on +353 (0) 91 380 100
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PetInsure is a leading supplier of pet insurance to customers in the Irish market.
PetInsure started trading in June 2008 and their goal is to bring superior pet insurance products and services to the Irish marketplace, and Operations Manager Ann Crawford spoke to us about why PetInsure chose Quvu and the benefits it brings to how they run their business:
“We recently expanded our operation and having reviewed the options available we decided and their Hosted PBX & Call Centre ( offering would be an ideal fit for us. Within the click of a mouse we can manage our phone system and call centre operations from a web-based control panel. Call recording within the insurance industry is critical and has become another requirement for processing customers’ claims. Goldfish offer unlimited storage of all call recordings for up to six years. They are held in a secure online searchable database. One of the unique features that Quvu offer is “Call Pausing” – allowing us to pause the call while we take payment details over the phone. The extra level of security that it affords us, knowing our customers payment details are not retained, is invaluable.”
“Seán and his team made this transition as simple as possible with friendly, ongoing support available. Any request that we made was dealt with efficiently and expertly by the Quvu team. I would be happy to recommend Quvu by for business telecommunications.”
– Ann Crawford, Operations Manager, PetInsure
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Smart Storage

Smart Storage featured on the Irish TV’s Dragon’s Den in 2012, receiving investment from their chosen Dragon, Norah Casey. Shortly after the company launched its clever storage solutions in Ireland and and the UK, where they are known as Clever Closets. Founded by Paul Jacob and his wife Clodagh, Smart Storage have featured on Sarah Beeny’s Channel 4 TV programme Double Your Home For Half The Money, with Sarah calling Smart Storage her “go-to company”. They have also been called in by Australian crooner Peter Andre for his ITV programme ’60 Minute Makeover’.
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XS Direct

XS Direct was incorporated in Ireland in 2004 to develop specific financial services products and are an innovative motor insurance company and their philosophy is to provide drivers with cheap car insurance, in return for sharing the risk of a claim. This is achieved by paying a lower premium and having a higher excess. XS Direct are regulated and authorised by the Central Bank of Ireland.XS Direct are based in Dublin and can be contacted on 0818 222 888.For further information or get a quote please click here.

Solar Craft

Solar Craft has been established in Ireland by a professional team with more than 10 years experience in designing solar thermal heating systems for the Irish climate. They are an authorised installing solar company for the Shentai Solar Group, one of the largest manufacturers of solar products in the world.
Green energy is growing market in Ireland, with huge interest from domestic and business customers. Solar Craft need a product that could simplify contact their contact centre and help them maximise their call handling – Quvu fitted the bill perfectly.
Based in Dublin, Solar Craft can be contracted on +353(0)12544988
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RiskEye helps its customers protect their reputation or brand, by monitoring what is written about them on the Internet. If something is deemed to be harmful to their customers, their service includes a built-in insurance which provides up to €50,000 to provide legal support to rectify the issue and a PR company to repair any damages done.Headquartered in Dublin, Riskeye can be contacted on +353 (0) 256 8600For more information see

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