Water – what would we do without it? Unfortunately, tap water contains chemicals and other impurities, while bottled water is expensive and can be bad for the environment. Why drink water that’s been shipped all way from Fiji in a plastic bottle when you can have clean filtered Irish water on tap at home or work? This exactly where Irish company Gulp.ie comes in. Their under-the-sink water-filtration-system removes impurities such as metals, chemicals, bacteria, oestrogen, nitrates, fluoride and chlorine – leaving only the good stuff.  You can now choose the quality and purity of the water you drink, in the same way you select other healthy lifestyle options.
Such is the high demand for Gulp’s products that they have taken on Quvu to help them simplify the organisation of their contact centre and help them manage their calls efficiently.
Gulp.ie are based in Galway and can be contacted on +353 (0) 91 380 100
For more information please click here gulp.ie

Talk to us on 01 556 3222 for more information or to arrange a demo

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