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IDG Group is the world’s leading technology media, events and research company, with a worldwide audience of over 280 million buyers. IDG’s Irish contact centre, IDG Direct uses Quvu to oversee its activity. General manager John Moran talks about his experience:

“Having Quvu has fundamentally changed the way I manage my contact centre. At any one time I have 100 people on the phones to countries all over the world. Before I got Quvu, analysing staff statistics was a very labour intensive progress and could not be done in real-time. Also, if I wanted to listen to a call it had to be done manually. Now with Quvu I have instant access to real time data on all my staff, on the screen in front of me. It shows if they’re on a call, how long the call has been or how long since they’ve been off a call. I have access to their stats for the day, week, month or year, and by clicking on their icon I can instantly listen to their call.

Quvu is provided via an entirely cloud-based system, so there is no requirement for hardware servers on our site. The real icing on the Quvu cake is that all I need to use it is my tablet and Wi-Fi, so I can manage my team from anywhere, and I mean anywhere. Only last week I had a couple hours to kill in JFK Airport, so I went into a café and opened up Quvu so that I could see exactly what my team were doing that very minute on other side of the Atlantic. I was able to listen to their calls and let them know I was still keeping an eye on them even though I was over 3,000 miles away.”

– John Moran, General Manager, IDG Direct
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