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A versatile smart dialler capable of transforming your tele-sales campaign.

Our smart dialler adjust the numbers of calls it makes based on the call handling performance of your sales teams. It has
Predictive Dialling or Preview Dialling features to allow for customisation of its settings between campaigns.

Agent Screen Dialler PC
Our smart dialler is much more than a predictive dialler. It has been proven to significantly boost outbound campaigns by increasing both agent talk-time and tele-sales. We designed it with powerful adaptable algorithms that continually adjust based on call handling times to ensure agents speak to an optimal numbers of customers.
tick-icon Increase successful calls – reduce abandonement 
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Key benefits of the dialler 
Increase call volumes and speed up the sales’ process by cutting out manual dialling and automating outbound calls. All agents have to do is open up a web-browser, login to Quvu and once they set their state to ‘ready’ then calls are automatically delivered to them by the dialler.  Quvu is solely web-based, so no hardware is required and no software is needed to be installed or downloaded.

Self Adapting AlgorithmSelf-adapting algorithm: The predictive dialler carries out its own calculations and makes self-adjustments, to guarantee that your agents will speak to the optimal number of customers and prospects. After making its first 50 calls it calculates the average connection rate and the frequency at which agents are becoming available, in order to maximise the amount of numbers dialled and agent effectiveness.

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Preview diallingPreview dialling: this option gives agents more control and time to get through data by giving them a preview of the contact that will be called. With a simple two-click process to load the next record, and then initiate the call, agents have more control. This allows them time to prepare their script for the next call by reviewing the information beforehand, in advance of clicking to be connected.

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Customisability on per campaign basisCustomisability for each campaign: no two campaigns are the same, so we made the features on Quvu’s dialler customisable, so that they can be tailored to any campaign. Settings and configuration of the dialler such as dial timeout, hold minutes for unanswered and abandoned calls, Caller ID and more, can be adapted in order suit the requirements of any campaign you may run.
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Gain a comprehensive understanding of agent performance and behaviour

Develop a real-time picture of what is working, what isn’t and what can be done to increase performance.
Quvu’s dialler comes equipped with features that allow you to analyse and customise your own stats, get a detailed picture of agent behaviour and trends in order maximise data penetration.

Advanced data managementAdvanced data management: Get the very most out of your data by analysing performance through three levels of data tracking, so you can cut back on waste and focus more resources on better quality data.

Track data by campaign, data source and data file, allowing you to compare different data providers and data-sets against each other and  so you focus on the best data to increase penetration.

Real time statsReal-time customisable statistics: Live stats allow you to react in real-time to maximise your team’s efficiency. Customise your own metrics from scratch so you can delve deep into the statistics that matter to you. With our stat configuration facility you can create stats as and when you wish in through your web browser, reinventing how you analyse performance and gaining in-depth knowledge that will enable you to make important business decisions and manage more effectively.

Enhanced agent trackingEnhanced agent tracking: Keep a watchful eye over your agents through intelligent call-monitoring, coaching and tracking tools. Silently monitor agent calls from within your browser, and even go one step further by carrying out in-call coaching to help your agents improve the quality of their call handling.

With enhanced status tracking you can effectively monitor agent behaviour, activity states and downtime, helping to identify reasons why they’re unavailable for calls.
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Reliable network – built-in compliance

The reliability of our platform is as a result of our ongoing dedication to innovate and introduce ways of strengthening our infrastructure. Our platform is built and managed entirely in-house giving us complete knowledge and control over our network, so you can enjoy a smarter and more reliable way of working.

Ofcom complianceA solid, established platform At Quvu we take a proactive approach when it comes to strengthening platform resilience. We own and manage our whole network infrastructure, operating through multiple data centres which are load balanced and span multiple locations across the UK and Ireland.

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Ofcom complianceCompliance Avoid running the risk by gaining access to multiple means that help to protect your contact centre from breaching industry regulations, so you can focus on achieving maximum results without sacrificing compliance.

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TPS complianceTPS & CTPS Compliance Quvu offers the chance for Irish companies to become compliant with UK regulations if they undertaking work on behalf of companies based there. Numbers registered on the UK’s do not call lists the TPS (Telephone Preference Service) and CTPS (Corporate Telephone Preference Service) can easily be removed.

predictive dialler configuration
Gain greater control of your campaigns when you adopt Quvu’s dialler in your call centre, allowing you to choose priority teams and customise other strategies.
The dialler will calculate the optimal volume of calls to feed through for the number of agents you have available, ensuring maximum agent utilisation is achieved so talk time is increased and wait time is reduced.
Increase your chances of success; building your campaigns, your way.
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Why Quvu?

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