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Using Quvu

When you adopt Quvu, you’ll receive three different components. The Supervisor Console allows management to analyse and monitor the activities of their call centre and agents, whilst the Agent Console facilitates agents to manage their calls. Your Control Panel is for account admin, for example adding dial data, listening to recordings and setting IVR menus.

Supervisor Console

Used by management level, the Supervisor Console provides access to a wealth of information and data; from individual agents, to the entire contact centre. Explore the user-friendly interface, which has three key elements. The Quvu tab provides an overview of your chosen activity, whether that be a particular queue, or your entire operation. The Agent tab allows you to instantly visualise the activities of your chosen agent list. Choosing the ‘Analytics’ tab within this screen allows you to explore in-depth measurements relating to agent performance both for individual agents and an entire peer group.

Agent Console

Used by inbound and outbound call agents, at the beginning of the day an agent accesses their individual Agent Console. From here, agents are able to set their status (for example ‘Busy’ or ‘Wrap’), and they are able to select which campaigns to join. Information available to agents within their console includes a view of their recent call history, the facility to view an account associated with a number (should the relevant CRM integration be set up), and access to their softphone for individual dialling, or in order to answer calls should you choose to use the dialler.

Control Panel

All of the admin for Quvu and your VoIP service can be completed via the Control Panel. Easily upload data for the dialler in either XML or CSV format. Upload sound files in .mp3 or .wav format, which can then be easily applied to your IVR menus, used as an abandonment message or as whisper to agents before a call is connected. From your control panel, browse your call recordings – isolate records by date, time, number or extension. Upload CRM data directly via your control panel for ‘One Touch’ account view. Easily add and remove telephone numbers from your account, set routing, choose a number to present and much more.

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