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Increase agent productivity contact rates immediately with our predictive dialler

Quvu’s hosted Predictive Dialler increases the volume of connected outbound calls your call centre makes, causing a surge in customer contact rates and paving the way for you to do more business.

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How the dialler transforms the way you and your agents conduct business

Quvu’s predictive dialler software comprises a self-adapting algorithm that carries out statistical calculations, guaranteeing that your agents will speak to the optimal number of customers and prospects whilst maintaining an abandonment rate below the recommended 3% limit.

Entirely cloud-based, the dialler runs in just your web browser with no hardware needing to be installed or software to download.

Automate the dialling process for agents, enabling them to simply log in and allow the 3-level dialler software to reduce wasted time and increase contact rates.

Admin iconLevel 1: Progressive Mode – Starting in Progressive Mode the dialler will initially place calls based on the number of agents available. For example, if 10 agents are available, 10 calls will automatically be placed.

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Admin iconLevel 2: Predictive Mode 1 – After making its first 50 calls, it will then calculate the average connection rate in order to increase the amount of numbers dialled whilst maintaining the number of agents.

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Admin iconLevel 3: Predictive Mode 2 – The dialler then analyses the frequency at which agents become available, ensuring elements such as ‘agent wrap’ are accounted for in order to maximise the total numbers dialled and agent utilisation.

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Benefits of our predictive dialler

Cut out manual dialling and automate the outbound dialling process in your contact centre, allowing agents to simply log in, put on their headset and begin talking to customers through a cloud-based predictive dialler that runs in a web browser – no hardware to install or programs to download.

Self Adapting AlgorithmSelf-adapting algorithm. The dialler carries out statistical calculations, guaranteeing that your agents will speak to the optimal number of customers and prospects. After making its first 50 calls it will calculate the average connection rate and frequency at which agents become available, in order to maximise the amount of numbers dialled and agent utilisation.

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Self Adapting AlgorithmVoicemail Drop (NEW). You’ll probably come across a lot of unanswered calls when operating an outbound campaign, so you’ll be familiar with leaving voicemail messages. With Voicemail Drop, you leave a voicemail automatically while your agent moves on to the next call, ensuring they remain productive making new calls through the dialler.

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Customisability on per campaign basisCustomisability on a per-campaign basis. Gain the freedom to customise various elements of your campaigns including the settings and configuration of the dialler, which you can adapt on a per-campaign basis to suit the needs and requirements of each campaign you may run. These include dial timeout, hold minutes for unanswered and abandoned records, caller ID and more.

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Preview diallingPreview dialling. Give agents more control and time to get through data less aggressively by using the Preview Dialler. With a simple one-click to load the next record process, and then another click to initiate the call, agents can prepare for the next caller by taking in information attached to the record before clicking to be connected.

predictive dialler configuration No longer worry about the maximum number of calls your agents can make in a given hour, day or week in order to fulfil productivity and speak to more customers. Our dialler calculates this for you to ensure the optimal number of calls are connected to your agents, whilst affording you the ability to customise your dialler settings on a per campaign basis.

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