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This allows senior management to oversee the entire contact centre operation and administer changes to the teams, queues, dial data and have access to an extensive set of statistics including the ability to customise, add or remove statistics.

Manage your people, teams and campaigns

Used by senior management level, the Admin Console is at the heart of your Quvu account. It is where you add, remove or edit users and their permissions, and configure which team they are in.
It’s also where you handle your queue/campaign management. Here, you can set up your disposition buttons, which are completely customisable, and allow agents to mark the outcome of a call – for example, if there was a sale, if the customer was not interested or if the call was re-queued or rescheduled.
Each disposition button activity is tracked in real-time, so the resulting click of a disposition button after a call will immediately show under the ‘Call History’ tab. In this tab you can listen to call recordings and obtain all the information from previous calls, including details of the agent, their team, the data source, talk time and customer information.
You can also take total control of your dial timeout, abandonment rate – which is set at 3% by default – and message to play on abandoned calls.
Our powerful call re-queuing tools allow you to build a re-queue strategy for each of your queues/campaigns, by specifying the hold minutes between trying any ‘no answer’ call again and hold minutes between trying any abandoned record again.

Maximise data penetration

The Admin Console is where you upload your dial data and analyse how your data is serving your campaigns. With Quvu there are three levels of data analysis available for you to drill down into, allowing you to easily compare between your different datasets and take action accordingly.
Firstly, you can analyse by Queue/Campaign, which will give you an overview of all your campaigns and how many data sources they’re using.
Analyse by ‘Sources’, where you can manage your data providers and compare them against one and other – for example, ‘Data provider A’ and ‘Data provider B’.
You can then drill down even further in the ‘Uploads’ tab, by analysing how the individual data files from your data sources are performing. This is an exceptionally powerful tool as it presents you with the ability to pause any poor performing datasets, focusing your resources on better performing ones.
For example, let’s say both ‘Data provider A’ and ‘Data provider B’ had three data file ‘Uploads’ each. On analysing how they were performing you noticed the three data file uploads for ‘Data provider B’ had amassed 50, 31 and 24 sales respectively, while the three uploads for ‘Data provider A’ had only acquired 10, 5 and 6 sales respectively. In this scenario you would consider pausing the ‘Data provider A’ files and focus your agents on ‘Data provider B’.

Fully customisable stats module

The ‘Stats’ tab can be anything you want it to be and is only limited by your imagination, as it is completely customisable through a simple yet effective stats configuration function.
Choose the stats you want to see using the ‘Columns’ filter to gain a detailed insight into your contact centre performance, where you can choose to break the stats down by queue/campaign, data source, an entire team, an individual agent or date.
Create as many statistical views as you wish, allowing you to set up various groupings and flick between them within the click of a button. For example, you could set it up so that in one view you can analyse statistics from your datasets, whilst in another you could analyse your team and individual agent statistics.

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