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This console provides agents with a simplified, complication free platform to manage their calls.

Improving productivity through minimal complication

The agent console delivers a simplified approach to a complicated problem, with an easy to use interface that allows the agent to maximise performance.
This minimises the possibility of distractions and leaves your Administrators and Supervisors firmly in control.
Agents can simply log in, click Ready and the dialler will start passing calls through to them.
This is because the campaigns that agents are subscribed to can already have been taken care of by the Supervisors, who can handle which campaigns they join on the agents’ behalf – this makes it nice and easy for the agents to be able to log in to their console and quickly get on with their calls.

Handling calls professionally with intelligent dispositions and functionalities

Quvu’s manual callback function is an extremely helpful tool for agents. Should an agent be making progress on a call and accidentally cut the customer off, this one-click button allows them to immediately call the customer back and pick up where they left off.
With the intelligent way the Agent Console works, agents can handle calls professionally. They can end a call with a straight forward one-click end call button, however, Quvu intentionally gives you the ability to prevent agents being able to end successful sales calls with one click. This is to prevent data being skewed should an agent get a bit carried away towards the end of a call, by presuming they have a sale wrapped up, then clicking a ‘sale’ disposition button and accidentally cutting the customer off before formally completing the sale.
The easy to use disposition buttons could not be simpler in order for agents to requeue records by sending them to the back of a queue or manually reschedule a callback on a specific date and time. If an agent wishes to schedule a callback that is ‘owned’ to them, they can simply use the ‘Private Reschedule’ disposition button and it be placed into their ‘Callbacks’ tab.

Instantly access previous calls with a simple layout

Quvu’s tabular layout facilitates agents to easily access other functions of the Agent Console, such as the manual callback system. The manual callback system enables agents to keep their own diary for when they have callbacks coming up, clearly stating their date and time. They will also receive notifications to minimise the chance of a callback being missed.
The ‘History’ tab also acts somewhat of a diary, storing the agents’ last 50 calls. This functionality makes it easy for agents to check previous calls and update any attached data if necessary. Say an agent mistakenly marks the wrong disposition after a call; this gives them the ability to go back and update that disposition correctly without ruining any data or having to inform their Supervisor, making the whole process slicker.

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