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Here, quality control staff to ensure your contact centre is not breaking any industry regulations, whilst also complying with your company’s codes and ethics.

Keep your contact centre on the right side of regulations

Keeping compliant in line with industry regulations is a huge concern for contact centre managers today, with the risk of incurring large fines if regulations are breached.
That is why we have built a stripped-down version of the Admin Console to give your staff who deal with quality and compliance a simple, user-friendly platform to ensure your organisation and staff are staying within the boundaries of Comreg regulations.
From within your Compliance Console you can easily locate specific call recordings, through a number of functions that help you narrow your results right down to the specific agent if necessary.
Search by telephone number, agent, campaign, date range or even disposition. This allows you to swiftly pinpoint the recordings you need. For example, if you needed to check that all sales within a certain date range were compliant with regulations, you can use the disposition to narrow your recording results down to sales, select your date range and then download/listen to the relevant recordings.
When you have scripts that agents must strictly adhere to, it is a very effective way of making sure they are doing this and identifying agents who aren’t so they can be retrained by the Supervisors.

Talk to us on 01 556 3222 for more information or to arrange a demo

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