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This enables middle management or team leaders to monitor the activities of their agents and teams, analyse statistics, listen to calls and carry out call coaching.


Monitor agent behaviour and identify trends

Used by middle management level, such as team leaders, the Supervisor Console provides a wealth of information and data; from individual agents to teams and campaigns.
The clean and user-friendly interface makes monitoring the behaviour of agents painless, with the ‘Agents’ tab clearly showing the current state of your selected agents – unavailable, on a call or waiting for a call.
Next to the agent name you will be able to use enhanced agent state tracking to get a bigger picture of your agents’ current states, helping you identify trends or anomalies such as if an agent appears to regularly spend more time than is acceptable on breaks compared to their peers. This state tracking is completely customisable; typically they will reflect if an agent is on a rest break, in training, being call coached or completing after call work.
Supervisors actually have the ability to control agent states should they wish. This is useful if you think an agent may deliberately be staying in ‘Not Ready’ mode to avoid a call. In this scenario, simply click their state and put them into Ready and the dialler will do the rest.
Just like in the Admin Console, the ‘Stats’ tab enables you to gain a comprehensive statistical understanding of your overall contact centre performance, allowing you to analyse stats by queue/campaign, data source, team, individual agent or date. With the level of detail you can drill down to, you’ll easily be able to catch issues before they become a serious problem, identify if you’re hitting targets or reward good performance.


Coach agents to help deliver results

Staying on top of how agents are handling calls is crucial to understanding why they are producing the results you see in the statistics.
This is where the ‘Callbacks’ and ‘Call History’ tabs are invaluable, as they provide an insight into how agents are interacting with customers and help you identify areas for improvement. Explore how callbacks are being marked; if you notice a particular agent is racking up a string of failed sales it could indicate they are struggling to push sales over the line, in which case pouring over their call history and listening into their recordings could help you identify flaws in their sales technique.
Call recordings are searchable and also linked to disposition buttons, providing you with another technique to help agents improve their call handling skills.
You can listen into agent calls as they are happening live with Quvu’s silent monitoring facility, giving you the opportunity to in-call coach. The agent will be able to hear your advice, but the customer will not, so if you identify an agent struggling to push a sale over the finish line you can step in and offer guidance.

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