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Improve the way you work

Quvu’s great range of features offers the opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs, creating a better experience for you, your agents and your customers. With features including Real Time Analytics, the highly efficient Predictive Dialler and Call Recording, you’ll have all the tools you need to gain a comprehensive overview of your business and significantly improve the way you run it.

Real Time Analytics

Your business works in real time so why shouldn’t your analytics? Everything on the Quvu platform is live, meaning that you don’t need to wait until tomorrow for today’s information.
Oversee data from your inbound or outbound queues on a single screen. Click the analytics tab to view the breakdown of your agent statistics for that hour, day or month.


View only the information that’s relevant to you. Choose from various metrics to compare agents instantly.

Agent Monitor

Silently monitor the calls of any agent at the click of a button, on any live phonecall.

Easy Comparisons

Add parameters to your statistics. Highlight trends, individual averages, star performers and much more.

Predictive Dialler

Increase agent productivity immediately with the Quvu predictive dialler. Measuring the average call duration, average wrap time and average time for a customer to answer a call, the dialler calculates the shortest gap between conversations and places the relevant number of calls.
The dialler minimises agent wait time, whilst eliminating unanswered and unconnected calls.

Predictive by Design

The dialler constantly adapts to the quality of data and agent performance in order to maximise efficiency.

Upload and Go

Simply upload your data to the Quvu control panel, assign it to a queue and then add your agents.

Modes of Dialling

The dialler has 3 levels of prediction, and will constantly adapt according to the data it analyses.

Call Recording

As a Quvu customer, each call made or received across your entire account will be recorded and stored in a fully searchable online database. Search by number, extension, date or time to find a recording quickly and efficiently. Recordings are saved in MP3 format and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.
Record calls across your entire account, or set up exclusions easily within your control panel.

Searchable Database

Recorded calls are stored in a secure searchable database. Locate calls either by number or by time.

Selective Recording

Exclude specific numbers, or enter a short code prior to dialing to prevent individual calls from being recorded.

Up to 6 Year Retention

All of your calls are retained for up to 6 years to be compliant with all relevant regulations.


Also known as ‘Call Director’ Quvu’s IVR directs inbound callers to the right team or department “press 1 for Sales, 2 for support” etc, with unlimited menus possible. Create a consistent client service, whilst reducing internal time wastage. Instantly direct your customers to the correct department, minimising the need to transfer calls between agents.
Customise your IVR menus- browse our library of professional recordings, order a personalised professional prompt, or upload your own sound file.

Unlimited Menus

Quvu IVR is able to accommodate companies with hundreds of departments.

Instant Setup

Manage IVRs through your control panel. Set up multiple menus in just a few clicks.

Online Management

Easily adjust IVR menus and caller destinations. Changes can be replicated across the account instantly.

CRM Integration

Quvu seamlessly integrates with your own CRM system in order to increase staff efficiency and customer satisfaction. Link inbound or outbound calls to your database, ensuring all data and call information is kept up to date on every associated account.
Easily arrange call backs, attach a note to an account or simply alter account details using a single link from the dialler.

One Click View

Link your CRM to Quvu to access accounts associated with inbound or outbound callers in just one click.


Quvu is compatible with most CRM systems, so seamlessly integrates with your current setup.

Instant Outbound Setup

Simply provide the URLs in the data upload and Quvu will instantly link them to the dialler.

Queue Management

The Quvu tab provides an instant visualisation of queue and agent activity on a single screen. Choose which inbound and outbound queues to display, and select the statistics you’d like to see. Choose from various graphs detailing the important aspects of the queue.
Use the information to form a wall board, or to get an overview of your contact centre activity and performance.

Visual Overview

Easily visualise key queue information from a single screen, for example calls per hour, or call duration.

Wall Board Format

Queue statistics are in an easily understandable format, and are ideal to use as a wall board.

Real Time Data

All data is live, ensuring that you have access to the most relevant information available.

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