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...and how it can help them run a smoother operation

What are the benefits associated with a cloud-based system over traditional hardware systems, and why are businesses finding it’s making their lives easier?

Why businesses are increasingly gravitating towards the cloud
In a working environment increasingly being driven towards flexibility and adaptability, working ‘in the cloud’ has become one of the biggest buzz phrases in the IT and technology industries today.
The many organisations making the move from traditional fixed systems to the cloud do so with the intention of gaining enormous benefits for their businesses.
A lot of organisations are still attempting to increase their profit margins through scaling back their spending, or putting the resources into new channels aimed at improving business performance.
And for many organisations moving their operation to a cloud-based system plays a significant role in helping them achieve these things, with cloud-based systems eliminating many of the complications and potential expenditure associated with traditional hardware systems.

Removing the hardware burden

Why businesses are increasingly gravitating towards the cloud
Moving to the cloud helps businesses achieve both of these things. How? Well for starters, moving to the cloud means you’re ridding your business of all that hardware which brings with it expense to purchase and maintain.
Subsequently the resources saved from this can then be put into different areas of the business, which is especially appealing to organisations with limited budgets.
Furthermore, it means you no longer require multiple and/or dedicated engineering teams tasked with coming out to fix a problem with your hardware should one occur, because in the cloud all this is taken care on your behalf in managed data centres, so your sole focus can be running your operation.
The issue of finding a suitable space in the office for large pieces of hardware is also eliminated, which can even affect the decision making when it comes to finding suitable premises for your business.

Expanding or downsizing made easy

Why businesses are increasingly gravitating towards the cloud
Businesses are prone to upturns and downturns, which, depending on their duration, can ultimately affect the growth or otherwise of a company and its number of employees.
In either scenario, having a system in place which gives a business effortless scalability is, quite clearly, enormously appealing.
With a cloud based system you aren’t required to pay for any additional hardware or licensing for new employees, so if your business undergoes expansion the process will be completely stress free.
On top of the actual logistics of this process being painless, at a fraction of the cost compared to a traditional hardware based system too.

Facilitating flexible working

Why businesses are increasingly gravitating towards the cloud
A cloud-based system gives you, your colleagues or employees, and your wider business complete flexibility with regards to your working location. With no hardware to configure and no software to download, it’s as easy as just needing an internet connection so you can log into your account and voilà; you can use your account and work as normal regardless of where you are in the world.
This means you could even be sitting on a beach in a completely different continent to where you’re office is actually based, and still log in and access your account and carry out your work as normal – meaning flexible working could not be easier.


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