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Activate your Goldfish for Zoho Phonebridge integration.
Please note: you will need a VoIP number before you can activate the Quvu For Zoho Phonebridge Integration. Please call +353 1 554 7888.
Quvu’s API provides a quick and easy three step process to link your VoIP number to Zoho’s CRM.

Step 1: Login to Quvu Phonebridge Configuration

Please go to Goldfish – Zoho – Phonebridge
Enter your 10 digit Goldfish VoIP Username and VoIP Password from the ‘Your Numbers’ tab in the MyGoldfish Control Panel (see image below) and the press ‘GO’.
Step 2: Link Quvu’s Phonebridge to your Zoho account
You are then taken to the Quvu Phonebridge configuration page pictured below.
Next click ‘Enable Phonebridge’
You will then be taken to Zoho login window. Login to Zoho and Accept the integration – pictured below.
Then click ‘Accept’

Step 3: Link your VoIP phone number your Zoho users

Lastly allocate the user that you would like to receive Missed Call Notifications. If a user is not chosen then Phonebridge will default to Administrator for your Zoho account.
Your VoIP numbers are now configured with your Zoho Phonebridge Integration.

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