21st July 2023

7 smart ways to better call quality monitoring in your contact centre

Why call quality monitoring is key to winning hearts and minds of customers

For companies focusing on both B2B and B2C market segments, customer service is one of the key battlegrounds for hearts and minds.

Surveying more than 2,000 consumers from the U.S. and the UK, Emplifi found that 86 percent of consumers will leave a brand they were once loyal to after only two to three bad customer service experiences. This puts an emphasis on getting your call quality monitoring right for every conversation, so your service agents follow best practices that help to provide better customer experiences.

In an era where e-commerce is becoming increasingly dominant, many online businesses find that having a voice call channel is an excellent way to demonstrate higher standards of customer service and build trust. Quite simply, voice calling can be used to forge stronger relationships with customers because as a channel, it is more personal and engaging than other communication methods and allows for more complex conversations.

However, call centre agents have different personalities and styles. They are also humans and have good days and bad days, which may affect how they perform their job. How can you be sure that voice calls between your customers and your contact centre team are optimised for the primary objective of giving a great customer experience to support the growth of your business?

Here, we’ll outline how Quvu lets you use call monitoring best practices in your contact centre to help grow your business.

What is call quality monitoring?

Call quality monitoring is the process of reviewing and evaluating phone calls to ensure that they meet your company’s standards. This includes evaluating the quality of the audio, the accuracy of the information provided, and the overall customer experience. What will also be apparent is the attitude and style of your call agents. Call centre monitoring can be used to identify areas where improvements can be made, and to track the performance of your customer service agents.

A good way to achieve a consistent approach that helps to build your company’s reputation and support long-term growth is to implement call quality monitoring best practices.

7 smart call quality monitoring best practices

Here are 7 smart ways to improve call quality monitoring in your contact centre:

1. Select the right call centre VoIP solution. It all starts with making sure your call centre solution is fit-for-purpose and has the necessary call centre monitoring capabilities. Quvu is a solution that supports the monitoring of live calls, as well as post-call analysis of recordings. With specific Role Consoles for supervisors and compliance professionals that allow these post holders to zero in on their specific responsibilities, Quvu fully supports the quality management process that is essential for understanding how to deliver and improve great user experiences.

2. Select the right calls to monitor. When there may be many thousands of calls every month through Quvu, it might be good to know that not all calls need to be monitored! It is, however, important to select calls that are representative of your customer base and that will provide you with the most valuable insights to meet specific objectives. For example, you might want call centre monitoring to cover calls from new customers, calls that are related to specific products or services, or complaints that have a high potential for leaving customers dissatisfied.

3. Use reporting and analytics data. Combine call monitoring analysis by supervisors with the reporting features that are available within Quvu. This allows supervisors to gain a clearer understanding of call quality and agent performance by leveraging both real-time monitoring and detailed analytics available from within the solution.

4. Train your staff. As with any area of business that is governed by best practices, it is essential to train your staff. Call quality reporting that is produced by real time monitoring and analysis from Quvu is likely to reveal training needs for both individuals and teams of customer service agents. Use call quality monitoring as a tool for coaching and training agents. Identify individual development needs and provide targeted training sessions to enhance agent skills, product knowledge, and customer service techniques.

5. Provide live in-call feedback. Lets managers provide feedback while listening in to live calls. Quvu actually lets a supervisory staff provide live in-call coaching to service agents, and this is invisible to customers. This helps agents to immediately learn where they may be going wrong and improve the customer experience on that call. Your staff should understand that call quality monitoring is not about singling out individuals. It’s about helping each team member improve their skills to provide a better customer experience.

6. Track agent performance. Quvu lets you track agent performance over time to measure improvement and provide an ongoing indication of any training or HR support needs. Use Quvu call quality monitoring to track agent performance metrics, such as call time, first call resolution rate, and customer satisfaction scores.

7. Continuous improvement. Sits at the heart of quality management and improving quality standards. Call quality monitoring is an ongoing process. Quvu lets you continuously review your goals and objectives, your monitoring methods, and your feedback process to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your investment in call centre technology.

Smarter ways to boost performance of your call centre with Quvu

Quvu provides you with call centre monitoring features and reporting to obtain a more holistic view of your call centre operations. Identify trends, uncover actionable insights, and make data-driven decisions for continual improvement with the contact centre solution that has the fastest AI predictive dialler on the market.

Isn’t it time you started using call quality monitoring best practices and doing a better job of improving the chances of outbound call success with Quvu? Book a personalised demo to see what Quvu can do for your contact centre.

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