Interactive Voice Response

Self-service that lets customers direct calls to the right place

IVR Automatic Call Answering

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) automatic call answering picks up calls and greets using recorded voice messages. IVR offers callers options to interact and navigate the system, to direct their call to the appropriate person or team.

Direct Inbound Calls

Direct inbound calls straight to the correct department and reduce agent time spent transferring calls

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Enhances customer satisfaction by improving the customer experience (CX) and supports better customer journeys

Built-In Generic Messages

Choose from built-in generic messages, commission professional recorded messages, or simply record your own


Save Time

Eliminate the need for receptionist, operator or pick up group response and automate your call answering and handling processes so you deal with calls faster and more efficiently.

Better Impressions

Raise the bar on how you present your business. Handle calls more professionally and project a better image by eliminating untidy telephony practices.

Boost CSAT

Supports loyalty, advocacy and future sales by boosting CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) ratings with self-service to help customers achieve what they want with less delay, by letting them talk to who they need to faster.

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