Operating from numerous data centres across the UK and Ireland, the Quvu architecture utilises redundancy to eliminate risks from single points of failure, both of hardware and for connectivity. Instantaneous automatic failover preserves the availability of service should data centres fail.

Continual monitoring of the servers, hardware and services and on-call engineering teams with the skills to provide appropriate responses to IT incidents enable us to address technical issues 24/7.

Self-healing technology

24/7 platform monitoring checks thousands of unique data points across our network every hour, enabling us to immediately detect and rectify problems anywhere on our platform. Multiple data centres and automatic failover ensure continual availability.

‘Four nines’

Underwritten by an SLA that equates to Quvu being offline for less than 53 minutes in a year, 99.99% availability means you can be sure that your contact centre will be there when you need it.

World-Class Infrastructure

Deploying on world-class infrastructure guarantees IT security, protecting CRM data, voice recordings and other valuable business information from hacker attacks and data loss that may result from system, hardware and internet failure

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