Inbound Call Handling

Customers that require customer service or technical support need to be handled efficiently and calls need to be professionally fielded and accurately directed to the correct team, department or individual.

Quvu’s inbound call handling capabilities enable businesses of all sizes to handle inbound calls with outstanding efficiency that helps to impress customers, build relationships and advocacy, support future and repeat sales and increase lifetime value.


Self-Service Call Director

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) picks up inbound calls automatically and uses keypad responses to allow callers to self-direct their call. Have as many layers as you like, but less is often more because it lets customers get where they want to be, faster.

Queue Management

Assign your agents or teams to inbound call queues. Manage waiting times by preventing long queues that cause customer dissatisfaction. Flexibly re-assign agents and teams to different inbound or outbound queues according to caller demand.

Skills Based

Assign agents to inbound queues based on areas of specialisation. Improve customer experience by making sure callers that navigate to specific queues using IVR get service from agents with appropriate skills and knowledge.

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