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Key reasons Quvu is a first-class choice for organisations that need a contact centre solution

100% Pure Cloud

Quvu is built on an award-winning VoIP technology solution. Each user requires only a desktop/mobile device, a compatible web browser and internet connectivity. You get all the cost and efficiency advantages that come with a 100% cloud contact centre solution where there is no requirement for specialised hardware, such as on-premise servers, contact centre equipment or handsets.

Quvu By… Quvu

Quvu is designed, built and maintained by our own in-house development team of experienced software engineers. Following industry best practice, Quvu conforms to software engineering standards. Our team has complete knowledge of every aspect of our system. This enables us to be exceptionally proactive, strengthening the performance and reliability of our service.

Resilient Infrastructure

Outstanding, independently owned and operating across multiple UK and Ireland data centre infrastructure sites, Quvu is run by using industry standard technologies, network configuration, and ITSM principles. Quite simply, you can be sure of Quvu’s resilience and high availability to power your contact centre operations.

Unrivalled Support

We don’t have to escalate platform issues to anyone else. Our customers enjoy faster support, upgrade and patching, and best effort incident resolution and service management. Much of our testimonial and case study content that has originated from our customers invariably highlights the very positive experiences they have enjoyed when they have required assistance and technical support.

Powerful, Easy to use Features

Provides focused tool sets with a Role Console dedicated to helping agents, admins, supervisors and compliance managers concentrate on the job to hand. Agents get the tools to help make more calls achieve successful outcomes. Administrators configure new users and system settings rapidly. Supervisors manage campaign and agent activity. Compliance managers get full oversight of the regulatory mission.

Independently Owned

Quvu is a solvent, well-established business, free from interference from outside investors and the often chaotic effects of market speculation and volatility. Choosing a data centre solution is a long-term commitment for the customer. With Quvu you can be sure that you are in partnership with a contact centre service provider committed to each and every customer and one that does not accept that churn is part of ‘the game’.

Scalable Flexibility

Whether you have a workforce of 10 or 10,000 Quvu joins and centralises your day-to-day operations across any combination of head and branch offices, WFH, remote or mobile workers. Grows instantly to accommodate new agents and users, while providing all the tools needed to effectively manage a distributed contact centre workforce.

Ethical Compliance

Compliance isn’t a hurdle to be jumped. It’s a necessary part of controlling the direct marketing industry. Quvu supports the frameworks for regulating B2B and B2C telemarketing across the UK and Ireland. Where the penalties for breaking the rules can be financially crippling, Quvu makes sure your contact centre operations stay on the right side of the legal line and ethical debate.

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