Why Quvu?

Initially Goldsmith Williams used Quvu in its original form and interface, as its simplicity and efficient dialler did the job required. However, when we updated Quvu to ‘V2’ with greater capabilities that deliver an all-round more inclusive solution for contact centres, the company migrated over to this newer system. It has since helped Goldsmith Williams to grow the business and improve productivity.

Sean Carter, Digital Marketing Manager & Head of Sales at Goldsmith Williams spoke about the company’s experience using Quvu and how the move to Quvu ‘V2’ has delivered an even more impressive experience. Sean said: “Initially we wanted a simple dialler system and didn’t require some of the functionality of other diallers I was aware of at the time. The original Quvu interface and integration was very simple and appealed to what we wanted to achieve in the early days – a simple and quick integration with no downtime or complications.”

How did you find it to get up and running?

In the fast-paced contact centre industry where time and calls are money, the speed at which Quvu can be, and was implemented, was a huge bonus for Sean and the telesales team. Coupled with our personal approach to support, this resulted in a very quick turnaround which meant downtime was minimal and agents were able to quickly get on calls and speak to customers.

“The initial setup process was incredibly simple,” said Sean. “In fact, we were able to setup and begin to make calls within the same day. Our account manager (James) was impressive and helped us through the process from start to finish.”

How is Quvu implemented within Goldsmith Williams’ telesales team?

The new feature offering Quvu ‘V2’ provides have delivered tangible benefits to Goldsmith Williams’ telesales team, assisted again by a swift and smooth setup process. Sean said: “Since the initial setup we have moved onto the new Quvu dialling system, which is even more impressive than the first. James [Goldsmith Williams’ account manager] came to our office personally to help with the changeover. The result was our downtime in switching from one system to another was minimised, losing only under an hour’s call time across our team.”

“The new features (Geo Dialling and automated TPS Compliance) have helped with our contact rates, call times and overall success for every campaign we’ve run since. For example, our voicemail rate was around 60% [prior to Quvu ‘V2’] and dropped immediately to below 40%.”

“We’ve now taken it a step further with Quvu and began to integrate our database with theirs. We had limitations on the volume of data that can easily be held on our own servers, and the numbers were beginning to cause issues with other areas of the business. With Quvu’s help, we now store all the required data on their servers, and have linked their database with our own so that only qualified customers are now transferred into our own database.”

“Not only has the solution reduced the pressure on our own database, it has increased the productivity of the telesales team who now only have to work on the dialler system rather than switching back and forth between Quvu and our own database.”

And finally…what are your overall thoughts on the service?

The simple scalability and powerful components Quvu affords the telesales team enables more business to be done through improved agent productivity, whilst crucially staying compliant with industry regulations thanks to features such as the Predictive Dialler, Geo Dialling and TPS Compliance.

Sean commented: “With the help of Quvu’s support we have grown from having two telesales agents to over 20. The processes we now follow have been made more efficient with the recent integration, and future plans we have in place will make vast improvements to both productivity and call rates to clients.”

“Particularly, the addition of Geo Dialling has improved our contact rates, while the addition of TPS Checking has helped us stay compliant – which is an all-important factor.”

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