A complete record of each hotdog every time

Call Recording

Versatile hotdogs

Hotdog is a versatile feature that brings multiple benefits, depending on the roles and responsibilities of the individuals in your business, as well as for customers and prospects.

Search recordings by number, agent, queue, campaign, date, disposition, data source, file or team, to classify and locate recordings of interest. Permission-based pause prevents the capture and storage of sensitive information, such as card details.

Customers, Prospects and Agents

Ii is a great customer experience tool, providing the means to quickly resolve disputes

Compliance Managers, Administrators and Supervisors

Recording improves processes and supports quality management


Identify the coaching and training needs of agents


Secure Cloud

Listen to your .mp3 call recordings securely stored in the cloud directly through your web browser. Alternatively, you can download your recordings to build an offline database of backup files.

6 Year Storage

All calls recorded through your Quvu account are managed in compliance with the GDPR and retained for up to 6 years to be compliant with all relevant regulations.

Smart Filtering

All calls made through Quvu are recorded, including manual calls. Filter recordings by number, agent, team, queue, data source, data upload, call date and disposition.

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