9th March 2023

How to get the best out of your outbound dialler

All about results: The value of an outbound dialler

For many businesses with a contact centre, outbound calling is an indispensable tool for powering their sales and marketing activities. Some of the essential benefits of a structured approach to outbound voice calling include:

  • Cold calling to introduce your business to new prospects
  • Recontacting customers who have previously purchased
  • Launching new products that customers may find of interest
  • Upselling and cross-selling to recent customers
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

The value of direct marketing using voice calling as a channel is tried and tested. However, the results that your contact centre might achieve can be significantly affected by the capability of the technology you use. The key feature that performs the outbound campaigning function of a VoIP contact centre is the outbound dialler.

Here we highlight what to look for in a contact centre solution and how to use an outbound dialler and other supporting features to help you achieve the best results from your outbound call sales and marketing campaigns.

Getting the most out of an outbound dialler 

  • Selecting a contact centre solution – Maximising the results you obtain from campaigns with outbound dialling starts with choosing the right contact centre solution. The contact centre market segment offers a lot of choice. However, not all systems are created equally. Many factors influence the quality of the contact centre system, chief among them is the superiority of a cloud-based VoIP solution over legacy on-premise hardware.
  • Quvu is a great choice – Quvu is a great choice for SME/SMB size businesses. It offers high-value features at a price that makes sense. Key features include a high-performance predictive dialler, call recording, and lead management.
  • Expert engineers and superior technologiesQuvu is designed, built and maintained by our own in-house development team of experienced software and telecoms engineers, offering ‘white glove’ support.  A contact centre solution is complex. Superior technologies have been brought together to offer mission-critical business-class performance that uses resilient and reliable infrastructure.
  • Predictive dialler – At the heart of Quvu is a high-performance predictive dialler that can maximise contact rates while making sure you stay compliant, with the codes of practice set by telecoms regulatory bodies. In a nutshell, the dialler automatically dials multiple outbound numbers at once, detects when a call is picked up and routes the call to an available agent. This increases agent productivity by up to 300%.
  • Call recording – Quvu includes call recording, with retention for up to 6 years included as standard. Call recording provides a range of benefits, including dispute resolution, identifying coaching and training needs of agents, and supporting quality management. This can accumulate into quite an archive, so comprehensive indexing and tagging are also included, allowing recordings to be searched by attributes such as number, agent, queue, campaign, and date.
  • Exploit lead management – Connect predictive dialling to your lead management process by using the dialler to work through your lead datasets to methodically prioritise contacting potential customers that may be deemed ‘hot leads’. Quvu’s dialler learns and then enters predictive mode to make this as efficient and productive as possible.
  • Quvu training – With any technology, it is only as good as the skills of the people who use it. Getting the most out of Quvu depends on the knowledge of the contact centre team. Quvu provides all your contact centre team – agents, team leaders, compliance managers, supervisors and managers with training and support to enable them to get the best value from the system.
  • Use Quvu’s powerful analytics – Regularly monitor the performance of your outbound campaigns by looking at metrics such as call volume, conversion rates, and customer feedback to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Use this data to make informed decisions to adjust your campaigning, sales, and marketing strategy and planning.
  • Focus on quality management – Aim to continuously improve your campaigning processes and customer experience by evaluating the conversion rates and customer feedback you obtain from using Quvu. 

Manage inbound alongside outbound with Quvu’s hybrid contact centre solution 

Quvu isn’t just for outbound campaigning and lead management. It is designed as a hybrid contact centre solution, allowing you to manage inbound calls alongside your outbound operations and manage teams of agents working remotely as a distributed workforce. 

The key to this is queue management, which allows contact centre supervisors and managers to assign agents on the fly to inbound and outbound queues in line with demand.

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