12th June 2023

Is your call centre system reliable so it’s always ‘business as usual’?

Risk management and the single point of failure in VoIP systems

When it comes to business voice communications, more and more companies are switching to VoIP-based telephone systems, especially with increasing awareness of the Big Switch Off of legacy digital and analogue telephone services, which are coming in 2025.

VoIP-based technology offers massive improvements in capability and cost advantage over legacy PBX-based call and contact centre systems.

Quvu allows more efficient and professional handling of inbound calls for inquiries and customer service, as well as providing powerful tools to automate high-performance outbound call campaigns. Importantly, Quvu maximises outbound call rates while enabling our customers to remain within the regulatory rules.

Single-point failure is a well-known principle of risk management. Some examples of single-point business risks include:

  • People dependent – A business being person-dependent, is when a single person holds a key position, and their absence impacts the ability of the business to function properly. Having multiple people with shared areas of responsibility is a much better approach.
  • Point solution IT security – Relying on a single IT security application, such as a proprietary antivirus software package to prevent threats such as virus attacks, ransomware and network intrusion. Layering IT security using different applications and hardware devices is much safer.

Quvu is absolutely pivotal to our customer’s businesses, and as such we have designed the system to be highly resilient, so it avoids being a single point of failure.

Quvu mitigates the risk of VoIP contact centre communications failure

Quvu is a resilient contact centre platform that is designed to withstand even the most challenging conditions:

  • Distributed data centres – Quvu’s data is stored in multiple data centres, which means that if one data centre goes down, the others can continue to operate.
  • Redundant components – Quvu’s infrastructure is designed to be redundant, so that if one component fails, another can take its place.
  • Automatic failover – Quvu has automatic failover in place, so that if one system goes down, another can take over without any interruption in service.
  • 24/7 monitoring – Quvu’s systems are monitored 24/7 by a team of experts, so that any potential problems can be identified and resolved quickly.
  • Proactive maintenance – Quvu’s systems are regularly maintained to ensure that they are always up to date and running smoothly.

The configuration of the Quvu cloud platform and the quality of the infrastructure and software are designed and optimised to mitigate the risk of failure. Key cloud platform components such as compute, storage, and network are combined with redundancy to ensure that Quvu remains available in the event of elements failing.

Should an entire data centre go offline, failover technologies automatically switch the service to backup data centre facilities. All CRM and call data is replicated, ensuring that the entire system is available, so with Quvu, it’s always ‘business as usual’.

Contact centre business continuity with Quvu

The business continuity benefits of Quvu reach far beyond the resilience of our cloud infrastructure. Should our customers be unable to access or use their offices or sites, Quvu’s capability as a virtual call and contact centre allows you to connect your agents to let them function together as a team working remotely from home.

However robust Quvu is, it is essential to remember that some risks associated with our customer’s sites are beyond our control. It’s a good idea to not wait for an emergency, but to have a plan prepared.

One important element should be the business-class broadband connection that you have to the internet. Many companies develop contingency plans to arrange for alternative connections should your broadband fail. One way to do this is to have a backup broadband line ready to go, that uses a different access route into your building.

With Quvu, customers mitigate the risks of voice communication system breakdown and have much stronger protection against consequences such as loss of revenue, increased costs and reduced productivity.

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