30th October 2023

Optimising business operations to deliver superior customer service

Does your office need to be its current size, or indeed, do you really need it at all?

While for some, Covid continues to loom large in its health impacts on their personal and professional lives, for many, there has been a relative return to normality after the trials and tribulations of the pandemic. However, for all, there are long-lasting structural changes in the operating environment.

The ascendancy of full-time work-from-home (WFH) and hybrid working jobs is perhaps one of the most telling. This has produced the potential for many companies to shrink their business estates, with some even dispensing with bricks and mortar altogether and running their businesses online as a virtualised operation.

Some may have resisted the rationale of downsizing or doing away entirely with their centralised place of business that followed immediately in the wake of Covid. Yet, the continuing financial challenges wrought by inflationary forces putting businesses under pressure continue to make the case compelling.

Decentralising geographically doesn’t necessarily negatively impact customer service

The most obvious risk in shrinking the estate, or doing away with it altogether by adopting a no-bricks business model, is that you have a dispersed workforce. Decentralising a business tends to create barriers to providing service to customers. But this doesn’t have to be the case, especially when your business invests in the right technology to support remote working.

Quvu’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) call centre system offers several key advantages that enable a business to provide superior customer service when it either shrinks its geographical footprint or becomes a completely virtual, brick-and-mortar-free operation.

Remote working and flexibility

Quvu provides flexibility and connectivity that enables it to meet the needs of modern businesses. This is crucial for organisations that have chosen a distributed approach, with key personnel, managers, supervisors, and agents working from different locations.

This technology is highly adaptable and can seamlessly integrate with various working models or patterns, such as hybrid working, WFH and permanent remote working, without any loss of management control while supporting a better work-life balance. A better work-life balance translates into happier, more productive employees, which injects more positive energy into interactions with customers.

Virtual contact centre in the cloud

Quvu centralises contact centre operations in the cloud, creating a virtualized hub for your business operations. This virtual contact centre ensures that a workforce distributed over local, regional, national, or even global geography remains fully connected and managed effectively as a single team.

Quvu’s cloud-based approach eliminates the need for a physical, centralised office space, making it ideal for businesses that wish to either shrink their geographical footprint or become a completely virtual operation.

Agent anywhere

One of the key features of Quvu is the ability to maintain oversight and management capabilities, regardless of where agents are located. Managers easily assign teams to inbound service and outbound campaign call queues and monitor agent status and current activity in real time.

Live call monitoring ensures that agents are adhering to quality standards and allows for immediate support or intervention if needed. This is especially important in a distributed work environment.

Scalable efficiency

Quvu offers scalability, reliability, and efficiency. Whether your business has a distributed team of 10 or 10,000, the cloud infrastructure supports the current workforce and adapts to the need for growth in the future.

This scalability ensures that your business can expand or contract its operations as needed, which is particularly advantageous when transitioning to a virtual, no-bricks operation. New personnel can be added quickly and easily through management tools provided by your system administrators.


Quvu is cost-effective in several ways. There’s no need for specialised hardware, as users can log in through a web browser and start working instantly. This eliminates the need for significant upfront investments in equipment.

Additionally, the ability to add and configure new agent accounts instantly using the admin console streamlines the onboarding process, reducing administrative overhead.

Optimise operations and deliver superior customer service with Quvu

Quvu offers the connectivity, flexibility, and scalability needed for businesses looking to provide superior customer service while adopting a distributed or completely virtual operational model. Industry-leading tools such as an unrivalled standard call recording package and a powerful predictive dialler provide quality management and top-performing outbound call campaigning.

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