17th October 2022

Why are good contact centre analytics so important?

Our world defined in data

Whether we like it or not, today’s world is defined in data. Of course, we all use data to inform our big decision-making about personal finances, such as mortgages and pensions. 

But, have you ever thought seriously about the influence of data on day-to-day life? So many things we take for granted are actually the result of data being captured somewhere, processed and analysed.

The weather is a good example. The daily forecast we catch on breakfast TV or that’s piped through on our smartphones is the output of a massive data collection and analysis process. It’s not just the data itself, the important thing here is that we use weather reports to make decisions.

We look at what the daily weather is doing and decide whether we need a coat. And a longer range forecast might help us make weekend plans. Head for the coast or the hills, or do something undercover because it’s going to be pouring.

Of course, there’s also real-time transport data, such as sat-nav road information, and bus and train service updates, all feeding into the decisions we make about our travel plans. What we actually do during leisure time may also be shaped by data. Data about happening shows on Netflix, trending searches on Google and popular content on YouTube, all help us work out what we might want to watch. 

Data and analytics in the contact centre

If data’s influence on our personal lives is a little underestimated, in a business context, data is pretty much everything! Headline figures, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and dashboards are familiar to just about everyone. Watching the daily sales book, the achievement of team and agent targets and the overall impact on the bottom line are all key to identifying that most elusive and desirable of business characteristics – growth!

However, it goes much deeper than headline numbers and KPIs. And that’s never truer than when we look at contact centre analytics. That’s because contact centre systems process the data relating to customers and their interactions with the business.

Careful consideration of what data tells us provides a number of great advantages that are really important for establishing and maintaining successful outbound and inbound contact centre operations:

  • Quality management – the quality of customer experience (CX), and your products and services determines the perceptions of your customers. Ensuring a consistently high quality CX positions you to build strong, enduring customer relationships that lead to an increase in lifetime value (LTV). 
  • Campaign improvement and optimisation – analysing outbound call campaigns lets you identify how to improve and fine tune multiple aspects, including message scripts, time of day, geographical hot spots, as well as understanding the influence of demographic factors including age and gender. The ultimate objective of campaign improvement and optimisation is, of course, to increase sales.
  • Agent resource optimisation – analysis of demand allows planning for predicted spikes and troughs in call volumes. Ensure adequate numbers of agents are on hand to avoid lengthy waiting times that damage CX. Real time analysis allows the instant re-organisation of the workforce so that agents can be temporarily assigned to call queues with high demand.
  • Better coordination across the business – feed key outputs of analytics into relevant departments across the business. Product and service improvement, integration between contact centre outbound campaigns and campaigns using other digital channels such as social and email. Plan agent resourcing for call spikes that result from responses to outbound campaigns sent down other channels.
  • Agent performance – tracking agent performance attributes such as time on and, not on calls, number of calls, sales conversion and first time call resolution rates allows agents to be benchmarked. This enables quality of service to be improved by identifying the training and personal development needs of contact centre agents. 

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