8th May 2023

Winning the numbers game with Quvu

The theory of the numbers game

Outbound sales cold calling is often described as ‘a numbers game.’ In this blog we’ll drill down into this to gain a better understanding of why.

As anyone who works in outbound telesales knows, the reality of cold calling is that not every call will result in a positive outcome. Many calls go unanswered, obtain busy signals, or end in outright rejections.

Successful outbound sales cold calling is often described as a numbers game because it involves making a large number of calls in order to generate a smaller number of successful outcomes. Essentially, it boils down to statistics. The more calls you make, the more likely it is that you’ll secure a sale or book a meeting.

The majority of people who are cold called simply do not have an interest in your product or service. But there will always be a small percentage of people who are interested, and by making a large number of calls, agents increase their chances of connecting with potential customers who are interested in your product or service.

Automating outbound call operations with Quvu

The significance of the numbers game here is that it means that if you want to continually succeed in your outbound telesales operation, the question is how to maximise call rates so that as many numbers as possible are called. That’s where Quvu’s VoIP contact centre solution comes in.

Quvu VoIP is built on a cloud computing platform, bringing unrivalled power, speed and efficiency to your outbound call operations. As part of this, Quvu provides powerful automation features with which to run your contact centre. However, there’s more to improving the success rate than just unleashing raw computing power on the task of automated dialling to accelerate your outbound calling.

You’ve got to play the numbers game by the rules!

Telecoms regulators have tough compliance rules which companies must adhere to when cold calling using automated dialling systems. These rules are designed to protect consumers from nuisance calls and ensure that companies use these systems responsibly.

A key rule is the frequency of calling. In a nutshell it mandates that companies must not make repeated automated calls to the same number within a short period of time.

Quvu uses a Predictive Dialler to automate outbound cold calling activities. This is an intelligent dialler that minimises agent waiting time, eliminates unanswered and unconnected calls, and significantly improves contact rates. Quvu is the fastest AI Predictive Dialler on the market and increases agent productivity of Quvu customers by up to 300%!

Playing the numbers game to win with Quvu

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