13th June 2022

Cold calling is dead… Breathe new life into it with Quvu Geo Dialling!

Rumours of the death of cold calling are much exaggerated…

Every business needs to seek out competitive advantage. For contact centres, Quvu represents such an opportunity. Improving the success rate of outbound cold calling has a reputation of being one of the toughest nuts to crack. Many accept that it is essentially a numbers game – the more calls you make, the more you’ll sell.

For many, an average cold calling conversion score of 1-2% is seen as a reasonable success rate. However, there is a way to shift the needle by getting through to a greater percentage of targets in your outbound campaigns and boosting your conversion rate.

How geo dialling works and what it means for call pick up

Contact centres boost their call response and conversion rates with Quvu’s Geo Dialling feature. But what precisely is it and how does it uplift outbound call response rates and drive greater inbound traffic?

Geo dialling is a powerful tool that increases contact rates and reduces the number of outbound calls that get sent to voicemail. With geo dialling enabled, the Quvu dialler looks at the postcode related to every number being called in the database and presents a caller ID for the local area code. This is known as CLI localisation.

Presenting a number that is familiar to your targets considerably increases the likelihood of your calls being answered, rather than being ignored or rejected as they might be when originating from an unknown, withheld or 08 number.

Boosts pick rates by up to 5 times

Our own research and analysis suggest that cold calls are 5 times more likely to be picked up when they are believed to originate from a local area number.

Unlike other providers offering this feature, we provide caller IDs that customers can call back should they miss your call. This generates more inbound calls and lets us perform a lookup of inbound queue numbers, giving your contact centre another campaign opportunity to sell your products and services.

Geo dialling isn’t restricted to your outbound campaign call activities. It may be enabled for all outbound calls that go through Quvu, so any manual callbacks or click-to-dial calls also make use of the geo dialling feature.

Targeted area campaigns and smart data

Quvu Geo Dialling lets you structure your telesales activity with more geographic precision. You create campaigns with data that pinpoints specific areas. Presenting numbers that will be recognisable to customers, and increasing the number of times recipients actually answer.

Analytics lets you see the effects of using geographically targeted data and compare results with campaigns not using the geo dialler, analysing the impact it has on decision maker contact (DMC) conversions and voicemail ratios.

Ready to breathe new life into your contact centre with Quvu?

Quvu is a VoIP contact centre in the cloud. This allows businesses to adopt new ways of structuring their operations, with agents and contact centre managers working remotely. This offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to centralise their outbound call operations, when agents are distributed locally, nationally or globally.

Download our whitepaper How to run a contact centre from home to learn more.

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